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Russian suspect in 1991 massacre will remain in detention in Lithuania

A Lithuanian court upheld the extension of detention of the Russian national Yuri Mel (b. 1968) who is suspected of involvement in the events of...

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Babies born on Jan 1 will receive first Lithuanian euro coins

Babies born on 1 January 2015, the historic day when Lithuania adopts the single European currency, will receive the first Lithuanian euro coins...

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Kohver will remain in custody in Russia until April 2015

On Monday, a court in Moscow ruled that the KaPo (Estonian Security Police) official Eston Kohver would remain in custody until at least April 5...

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Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine awarded Person of Year title

Lithuania's national radio LRT has awarded the title of Person of the Year to Lithuania's ambassador to Ukraine and signatory of the Ind...

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Lithuania PM: Euro adoption will be beneficial for whole country

This year, the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Algirdas Butkevicius, will celebrate the New Year in an unusual manner: when the clock strikes twelv...

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Estonians' trust in Parliament, government much higher than EU average

According to the latest Eurobarometer study, Estonians have a higher level of trust in their government and parliament than European Union avera...

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Riga Mayor: EU sanctions against Russia are not working

The European Union's sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine are not working,...

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North Korea film will not be shown in Estonia

Sony's official distributor of films in Estonia, ACME Film, confirmed that the film The Interview, which ridicules the North Korean leader, ...

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Latvia increases defence spending; priorities Home Guard, anti-aircraft systems and personnel morale

Latvia will increase its defence spending next year to 1 percent of GDP, which is set to rise to 2 percent  by 2020. Most of the additional...

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Estonian suspends Helsinki hunger strike

Rain Kolga, the Estonian construction businessman who two weeks ago started a hunger strike in Helsinki to protest against the harassment of Fin...

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