Celebrity composer of Latvian descent takes on fake news and Russian foreign policy

  • 2018-05-29
  • Michael Mustillo

The music of the Latvian-born and internationally renowned composer Eugene Birman has been described as ‘high drama’ and ‘intense emotion’ by the BBC. Birman’s music, which is characterised by a fearless focus on socially relevant large-scale comp...

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Will defunding Hungary and Poland backfire?

Since 2014, when the European Union last adopted its seven-year budget, the governments of Poland and Hungary have been captured by populists who have little regard for EU values and institutions. But while it stands to reason that the EU is considering a suspension of both governments' fundi...

A new keeper of Putin’s secrets

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, political power within the Kremlin has followed the logic of musical chairs. Factotums surface and then disappear, only to resurface at a later date – all according to the whims of the man in charge. And for most of this century, that man has been Vladimi...

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