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Russia’s Election Was Rigged - And This Time It’s Official

  • 2017-06-14
  • Vladimir Kara-Murza

Recently, the European Court of Human Rights—the highest judicial body for the 47 member states of the Council of Europe—handed down a cluster of decisions on various subjects, from land ownership in Poland to asylum procedures in Switzerland. One of the rulings co...

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Standing Up for Europe

Today’s European Union needs both salvation and radical reinvention. Saving the EU must take precedence, because Europe is in existential danger. But, as French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized during his election campaign, reviving the support that the EU used to enjoy is no less essen...

Punishing Putin Mostly Means Punishing His Foes

After being surprised by broad-based protests in late March, the Russian authorities were ready to prevent a repeat on Monday. Police detained hundreds across the country as well as opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The protests themselves were thinner, too -- planning to be arrested, which is li...

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