Mindfulness training of state officials sparks heated debate in Latvia

  • 2019-04-21
  • Kristine Bormane

Latvia is experiencing a heated public debate about spending state budget resources for the mindfulness and meditation training of top state officials. It would sound odd in Germany, Denmark or Sweden where self-awareness and mindfulness lectures for executives is perceived as...

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Notre Dame fire is menacing sign to all Europe, including Russia - Patriarch Kirill's press secretary

MOSCOW - The Notre Dame fire is a sign not only to Europe, but also to Russia, and therefore what happened cannot be perceived as someone else's trouble, priest Alexander Volkov, press secretary of Patriarch Kirill, said. "Speaking about the spiritual aspect of this st...

Swedbank expects Lithuania to register positive migration balance this year

VILNIUS - Analysts at Swedbank Lithuania think that 2019 may become the first year since independence that people coming to live in Lithuania will outnumber those leaving. "As we predicted at the beginning of the year, this year may be the first year since indepe...

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