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Lithuanian works on new-generation maverick Mars robot

  • 2017-08-30
  • Linas Jegelevicius, The Baltic Times editor-in-chief

For Povilas Piartli, a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) intern from Lithuania’s  Kaunas University of Technology, the moon, stars and beyond are just way closer than for us here. Having chosen the studies of mechatronics, the aspiring robotics wi...

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Will Trump unite Europe?

Beyond his bizarre, intemperate tweeting, the challenge that US President Donald Trump poses for Europe is real, but not always easily defined. There are differences between what Trump says, what his administration does, and what Congress makes him do. In fact, just last week, Trump was given no ...

Ukraine’s imperiled press freedom

    On July 20, 2016, Pavel Sheremet, a prominent Belarusian-born journalist, was heading to work at the studios of Radio Vesti in Kyiv, when the Subaru he was driving blew up at a busy intersection. Nearby windows shook, and birds scattered into th...

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