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Brighter than the sun

VILNIUS - For anyone who has ever lived at least one year in the Baltic, they know that the seasons and nature play a big part in how people thi...

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Tallinn unplugged

TALLINN - “So what do we do with our new freedom?” a character with a bit part says to his friend in one of the early scenes of &ldq...

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Literary musings in Riga

RIGA - There aren’t many literature festivals in the Baltic that focus solely on prose. The Prose Readings Festival features the best and ...

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Let it snow! Let it snow!

TALLINN - Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town takes on a particular magical quality during this time of the year as the fresh powdering of snow co...

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Rolling out the red carpet

RIGA - The first-ever Riga International Film Festival kicks off on December 2nd, showcasing more than 120 films until December 12th.  The ...

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To the moonwalk and back

TALLINN - Idol...Icon...Superstar...Legend. Few entertainers achieve this level of success. Michael Jackson was, is, and always will be held in ...

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The Path to the Future (President Nursultan Nazarbayev speaks to the people of Kazakhstan)

The world is facing new challenges and threats today. The world economy has still not recovered from consequences of the global financial and ec...

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Crimes during punishment Re:Baltica investigates life in Baltic prisons

RIGA - 6AM. Six men are drinking moonshine at a shared table in one of the cells of the largest prison in Latvia. None of them cares about the g...

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“Why is this order so easy to provoke?” An interview with Bruce Pitcairn Jackson

It is now over a year since the Vilnius Summit last November. The Summit was intended to be the grand stage for the signing of an Associatio...

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VKG shuts down two oil factories in Estonia

TALLINN - According to Statistics Estonia, in 2013 the expenditure on research and development (R&D) in Estonia equalled 326 million euros, ...

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