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Pope Francis to visit Estonia in 2018

  • 2017-11-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Pope Francis is set to visit Estonia next year, Bishop Philippe Jourdan announced at the end of a mass celebrated in the Catholic cathedral of Tallinn on Sunday. "Where at the beginning of the year the nuncio said that it is 90 percent c...

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Baltic countries agree to dismantle investment barriers  |  Group of MPs aim to ban sex change in Lithuania  |  Quality internet can be brought to all Estonian residents only through competition  |  Estonian Prime Minister in Bundestag: We all must take responsibility for lasting peace  |  Administrative reform changes over half a million addresses in Estonia  |  Proposal to legalize medicines containing cannabis to be introduced in Lithuanian parliament  |  Estonia, Iceland have the most internet freedom  |  Average pay of teachers in Estonia to rise to EUR 1,380 next year  |  Riga is best bargain choice for Christmas markets  |  Latvian sea-side resort town Jurmala sees number of tourists grow 22% in January-September  |  Bots create one third of Russian-language tweets about NATO presence in Eastern Europe  |  Estonian EU presidency decreases capability of police to catch drunk drivers  |  Estonia's top court: State must pay for students attending school in other municipality  |  Estonian MP: Korean peninsula must become nuclear-free  |  FSB agent detained in Narva tried to enter state's computer networks  |  Embassy perplexed by Estonia accusing arrested Russian of being FSB agent  |  Estonia to make more language teaching available to refugees from new year  |  Several thousand people join Independence Day torchlight procession in Riga  |  Public debate: Which Future for the European Defence and Security?  |  Lithuanian Transport Ministry to propose rebuilding tracks to Latvia  |  EU imposes sanctions on Venezuela

Heritage Foundation analysts do not view EU's new defense deal as very serious

WASHINGTON D.C. – The new defense integration deal signed by Lithuania and the rest of the European Union (EU) earlier this week will have no practical benefit, say analysts of the United States conservative public policy research center Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation's foreign policy analyst Luke Coffey told Lithuanian journalists that the EU had been long trying to step up its defense cooperation. "On Monday there came the b...

Baltic Assembly to discuss securing EU external borders

TALLINN - Securing the external borders of the European Union is one of the topics to be discussed at the session of the interparliamentary Baltic Assembly taking place in Tallinn on Friday. The day of sessions started with a meeting of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly (BA) and the speakers of the three national parliaments. The opening of the 36th session of the BA followed, with speeches made by the parliamentary leaders of the three countries. Spea...

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