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Usakovs: Saeima "spitting in face" of Riga residents on transport

The Saeima's decision not to allot state subsidies for Riga public transport is equivalent to "spitting in the face of Riga's resid...

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A fond farewell to the litas - but clear off, Farage!

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day 2015 the bell will toll, heralding the start of a new year and a new era fo...

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Jurmala could lose New Wave festival due to Moscow decision

Vesti reported today that it is possible that the New Wave pop music festival, held in Jurmala since 2002, will not be able to organise their ev...

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Estonia's GDP per capita 14,218 euros in 2013; 42% higher in Harju County

According to  Statistics Estonia, Harju County accounted for 61.3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Estonia in 2013. Harju County, th...

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Success in the Euro area will require constant hard work from Lithuania

As celebrations around the globe usher in 2015, a few extra champagne corks will pop in Vilnius. Lithuania is join...

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Latvian women most entrepreneurial in Europe - new study

Latvian women are the most active business founders in Europe: 10 percent of women aged between 18 and 64 in the country have started their own ...

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NATO fighters in Baltics scrambled 21 times in last week

Between December 8 and December 14, NATO air policing fighters protecting Baltic airspace took off 21 times to intercept Russian aircraft flying...

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Estonian Interior Minister: Russian revelation of Estonian mole intended to undermine state and special services

Estonian Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur said that by exposing special agent Uno Puusepp, Russia wants to belittle the Estonian state and the Est...

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New surveys: 55% of Lithuanians dissatisfied with democracy, 60% with general situation

Lithuania's upcoming adoption of the euro, completion of construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal and increasing salaries do not s...

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Lithuania set to overtake Latvia as Eurozone's fastest-growing economy

Lithuania will surpass Latvia next year as the fastest growing Eurozone economy, according to Ernst & Young's' annual Eurozone Econo...

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