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Baltics' European election playbook

  • 2018-12-12
  • Ryan Heath

Welcome to POLITICO’s special edition European Elections Playbook series. I'm Ryan Heath, political editor at POLITICO, and I'm exploring the intersection of national and European politics in 15 EU countries in weekly newsletters up until the May 2019 poll. Next ...

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A cat-loving young couple from Riga

Riga and cats have a long history, going back to 1909 when the Cat House was built in the old city.  It is a symbol of Riga’s love of cats and features two angry cats with arched backs on its turrets. These symbolise the feud between its owner and the Tradesmen’s Guild who refuse...

The Baltic Times hosts its fifth annual Gala dinner

With the clock already chiming in the last weeks of the year, The Baltic Times has remained loyal to its tradition of hosting the annual Gala dinner, expressing in that way its genuine gratitude to the diverse audience of its readers, most of whom come from local embassies, state institutions, bu...

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