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Baltic States seek for a single regional assessment

VILNIUS - Ministers of finance of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the European Commission and NASDAQ appealed to a global provider of equity inde...

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Lithuanian police start protecting MP following threats

VILNIUS – Lithuania's police have started protecting MP Dovile Sakaliene after she received threats. "H...

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Estonian govt changes arrangement of how European School is managed

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday authorized Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps to establish a foundation by the n...

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All Baltic states saw their exports rise this year - Eurostat

VILNIUS – All three Baltic states posted exports increases in nine months of this year, the latest figures from the EU statistics agency, ...

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100,000 signatures collected in support of JKP initiative to ban gambling halls in Latvia

RIGA – public initiatives portal has collected 10,000 signatures in support of New Conservative Party’s (JKP) initiativ...

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Gobzems claims KPV LV the only party with realistic chances of forming government

RIGA - KPV LV is the only political party with realistic chances of forming Latvia’s next government as it has shown itself as a potent po...

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Brexit deal fails five million people' - say citizens' rights campaigners

BRUSSELS/BERLIN/LUXEMBOURG/LONDON - Citizens’ rights groups the3million and British in Europe have reacted with anger and disappointment a...

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Liviko to open up production premises to visitors

TALLINN - To mark its 120th anniversary, Liviko is launching excursions around its production facilities for visitors who register in advance. F...

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Seven former Lithuanian partisans nominated for Freedom Prize

VILNIUS - A special commission has nominated a group of seven former partisans for this year's Freedom Prize.  &...

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Estonia's Interior Ministry to not support bill allowing dual citizenship

TALLINN – The Estonian Interior Ministry is about to make a proposal to not support the bill that would allow dual citizenship for citizen...

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