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Over 700 people granted Estonian citizenship in 2018

TALLINN - More than 700 people, over half of them of undetermined citizenship, became naturalized citizens of Estonia during 2018. ...

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Lithuanian businesses well prepared for economic slowdown, economy minister says

VILNIUS - Economy Minister Virginijus Sinkevicius says Lithuanian businesses are well prepared for an economic slowdown, but unde...

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Chizhov: EU concerned by INF Treaty's fate, but is guided by U.S. stance to detriment of EU's own interests

MOSCOW - Countries of the European Union deem it necessary for the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty to be preserved, but continue ...

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Estonia: Tallinna Vesi given more time to explain components behind water price

TALLINN – The Estonian Competition Authority has granted a request of listed water services company AS Tallinna Vesi to extend t...

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Estonian top court frees Edgar Savisaar from trial

TALLINN – The Supreme Court of Estonia has freed from trial former Center Party chairman and ex-mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar, who ...

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Lithuanian court allows blocking access to 7 websites retransmitting TV programs

VILNIUS - A court has allowed the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) to block access to seven websites illegally retransmitt...

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KPV LV seems split on government formation process - Aseradens

RIGA - It seems that KPV LV politicians Artuss Kaimins, Aldis Gobzems and Atis Zakatistovs each have a different point of view on the government...

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Circulation of negative information aimed at deteriorating trust in allied forces deployed to Latvia a regular occurrence - Defense Ministry

RIGA - In reaction to the NATO presence in Latvia, the circulation of negative information aimed at deteriorating trust in the allied forces dep...

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Estonian MP: Income tax reform has made cash-in-hand payouts more lucrative

TALLINN – MP Aivar Soerd, chairman of the state budget control select committee of the parliament of Estonia and the country's former ...

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Most Latvians feel Chrirstmas is excessively commercialized - poll

RIGA – Only 23 percent of people in Latvia believe that Christmas is not excessively commercialized, a survey by SKDS research agency show...

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