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President: Estonia could considerably increase cooperation with African countries

TALLINN – Estonia has a lot of possibilities for closer cooperation with African countries in the digital field, economy, as well as in in...

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Ombudsman calls healthcare financing law a total flop

RIGA - The healthcare financing law endorsed by the 12th Saeima, which stipulates two different levels of state-covered healthcare services, is ...

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Successful cooperation discussed at the Baltic-Korea political consultations

RIGA - On Friday, Vilnius hosted the third political consultation between the Baltic States and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). ...

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Lithuania marks 100 years of women's vote amid calls for tackling violence, pay gap

VILNIUS – Lithuania on Friday marks 100 years since women were granted the right to vote.  Activists and ex...

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Estonian ex-PM Ansip: Govts led by me prepared for crisis

TALLINN – Andrus Ansip, former prime minister of Estonia and current vice president of the European Commission, said at an economics confe...

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Head of Danske Norway: Estonian money-laundering case also affected Norwegian branch

TALLINN – Due to the money-laundering scandal at the Estonian branch of Danske Bank, the bank's Norwegian branch has spent more time o...

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Russian citizens who live in EU create potential for avoiding future conflicts - Usakovs

JURMALA - Russian citizens who live in the European Union create a potential for avoiding conflicts in the future, Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs (Harm...

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12th Saeima passed more bills than previous Saeima

RIGA – The 12th Saeima since it convened on November 4, 2014, has passed in total 990 bills, which is more than the previous parliament, t...

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Estonian defense forces conclude participation in NATO-led Kosovo mission

TALLINN - The Estonian flag was lowered at a ceremonial line-up held at the headquarters of the NATO-led peacekeeping mission Kosovo Force in Pr...

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At least 11 Lithuanian MPs hit by massive spam attack

VILNIUS - At least 11 Lithuanian lawmakers received 50,0000 spam emails in a massive spam attack on Thursday, the National Cyber Secur...

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