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After his mission to Moscow a privileged posting in Riga

For Arti Hilpus, the new Estonian ambassador to Latvia, the job in Riga is a kind of a relief after his diplomatic mission to Moscow, but what h...

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Let’s welcome in the New Year as a better year!

Perhaps dizzied by the flickering and shimmering Christmas and New Year festoon lights in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, I tend to be too reminiscen...

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New Unity starts talks about forming new Latvian coalition

On December 14 the New Unity party started talks with potential coalition partners over setting up a government under Krisjanis Karins. ...

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Post-centennial Rigans expect a more prosperous New Year

The year of 2018, so dear to the Baltics due to the three states’ celebrations of the centennial anniversaries, is counting the last days ...

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Dozens of Lithuanians detained over car thefts in Germany

KAUNAS – Dozens of Lithuanians suspected of expensive cars thefts in Germany were detained in Vilnius and Kaunas in Lithuania and in Germa...

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French general who visits Gao base in Mali thanks Estonian soldiers

TALLINN – The chief of staff of the defense forces of France, Army Gen. Jean-Pierre Bosser, visited the Gao military base that is the...

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Estonia: Decision on natl designated spatial plan on FinEst tunnel may be left to new govt

TALLINN - Minister of Public Administration Janek Maggi on Thursday will give the Estonian government an overview of the application for initiat...

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airBaltic: Nearly half of residents of Estonia fly at least once a year

TALLINN - Nearly half, or 48 percent of residents of Estonia use air transport at least on one occasion per year, it appears from a survey condu...

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Corruption Prevention Bureau detains person for offering EUR 1 million bribe to policeman

RIGA - The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) in November detained a person who had offered a bribe, worth more than EUR 1 millio...

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Ukrainian IT firm to hire 25 developers in Klaipeda

VILNIUS - Ukraine's IT firm Taurus Quadra is setting up its first foreign unit in Klaipeda with plans to start software developmen...

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