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Latvian expert: Foreign officials see Baltics as single military bloc

RIGA - When foreign officials visit Latvia, they see the Baltics as a single military bloc, Martins Hirss, a researcher at the Center for S...

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Baltic interior ministers: Schengen area will only remain with strong external border

TALLINN - The interior ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at a discussion in Vilnius on Friday said that the space of common free moveme...

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Latvian tax system most attractive in Baltics

RIGA - The Latvian tax system is the most attractive among the three Baltic states and ranks 13th by the Total Tax and Contribution Rate (TTCR) ...

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To flourish and prosper, Latvia must not stop at what has been achieved - President Vejonis

RIGA - For Latvia to flourish and life to become better, we must not stop at what has been achieved even for a moment, President Raimo...

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Several thousand people join Independence Day torchlight procession in Riga

RIGA - Several thousand people this evening joined the Independence Day torchlight procession in Riga, organized by the National Alliance, LETA ...

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Latvian sea-side resort town Jurmala sees number of tourists grow 22% in January-September

RIGA - The Latvian sea-side resort town Jurmala saw the number of tourists to grow 22 percent in the first nine months of this year compared to ...

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More than thousand people participate in protest against education in state language

RIGA - More than a thousand people marched through central Riga this afternoon to protest against the proposed transition to Latvian as the sole...

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Latvia criminalizes glorification of terrorism and travel to foreign countries for terrorism

RIGA – In order to comply with the European Union’s (EU) requirements, the Justice Ministry earlier this year drew up amendments to ...

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Relations between Latvia, Russia are not at peak, but agreement is possible on some issues – Russian official

RIGA – Relations between Latvia and Russia are not at their peak, but still there is mutual understanding possible on some issue...

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KVV Liepajas Metalurgs steelmaker can be sold in pieces if attempt to attract investor fails

RIGA – If the latest attempt to attract an investor for Latvia’s insolvent KVV Liepajas Metalurgs steel company fails, the comp...

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