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Russian suspect in 1991 massacre will remain in detention in Lithuania

A Lithuanian court upheld the extension of detention of the Russian national Yuri Mel (b. 1968) who is suspected of involvement in the events of...

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Kohver will remain in custody in Russia until April 2015

On Monday, a court in Moscow ruled that the KaPo (Estonian Security Police) official Eston Kohver would remain in custody until at least April 5...

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Riga Mayor: EU sanctions against Russia are not working

The European Union's sanctions against Russia in retaliation for the annexation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine are not working,...

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Latvia increases defence spending; priorities Home Guard, anti-aircraft systems and personnel morale

Latvia will increase its defence spending next year to 1 percent of GDP, which is set to rise to 2 percent  by 2020. Most of the additional...

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Future of Ukraine refugees in Latvia still uncertain

A total of 70 refugees from Ukraine have applied for asylum in Latvia so far this year, but no positive decisions have yet been made, which sugg...

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Saeima speaker in Estonia: Baltic media should carry regular reports on all three countries

During her official visit to Estonia today, Saeima Speaker Inara Murniece (All for Latvia! - For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK) met with the Eston...

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NATO fighters in Baltics scrambled 21 times in last week

Between December 8 and December 14, NATO air policing fighters protecting Baltic airspace took off 21 times to intercept Russian aircraft flying...

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Estonian Interior Minister: Russian revelation of Estonian mole intended to undermine state and special services

Estonian Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur said that by exposing special agent Uno Puusepp, Russia wants to belittle the Estonian state and the Est...

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Lithuania set to overtake Latvia as Eurozone's fastest-growing economy

Lithuania will surpass Latvia next year as the fastest growing Eurozone economy, according to Ernst & Young's' annual Eurozone Econo...

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Estonia 21st most heavily militarised country in world, Lithuania 58th, Latvia 78th

The most heavily militarised of the Baltic countries is Estonia, according to the Global Militarisation Index compiled by experts at the Bonn In...

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