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Latvian man suspected in major murder case in UK

British detectives have revealed that a Latvian builder they are searching for in conn

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More Russian jets near Baltic borders cause for concern, says army chief

The increased presence of Russian jets and warships near Latvia's borders are a ca

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Russia condemns Baltic ’attack’ on minority rights

Russia will not accept an 'attack' against the Russian language in the Baltic

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Lithuania treats injured Ukrainian soldiers amid conflict in east

Thirteen injured Ukrainian soldiers have been brought to Lithuania for medical treatme

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WATCH LIVE: Major security conference focuses on Ukraine crisis

The largest security and foreign policy forum in Northern Europe launches in Latv

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EU to impose more sanctions on Russia amid Ukraine crisis- sources

EU member states agreed Thursday to implement a new round of sanctions against Russia,

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WATCH LIVE: Latvia pre election debate

A pre election debate is underway in Latvia featuring politicians from a variety of pa

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Former Baltic PM’s win top jobs in European Commission

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has announced his team of commission

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EU adopts new sanctions against Russia amid Ukraine crisis

The European Union (EU) has agreed on new sanctions against Russia but is waiting a &q

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NATO Summit: UK pledges to send 4,000 troops to east to counter Russia fears (LIVE)

NATO has agreed to 'maintain a continued presence in the east', on a rotationa

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