NATO to defend Baltics at ’lightning speed’ says top official

NATO forces can defend member states at 'lightning speed' in case of an attack

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Latvia coalition holds power in vote, pro-Putin force wanes

Latvia's center-right governing coalition scored a fresh victory in weekend electi

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Russia bans prominent Latvians from entering country amid tensions

Russia has blacklisted three prominent Latvians from entering the country amid latest

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Thousands turn out to vote in Latvian elections

Over 13,000 people have turned out to vote in Latvia's 12th national elections tod

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Kaljo reveals world of printmaking

TALLINN - In attending the exhibit Stories in Prints and Letters, one can start to become acqu

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Latvia prepares to vote for new government as polling stations open

Polling stations in Latvia have opened today as the country prepares to vote in its 12

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ECB President praises Baltics as Lithuania edges closer to joining euro

The Baltic States have confirmed that financial difficulties can be overcome by politi

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Clinton: US wants to support Baltic energy independence amid Ukraine crisis

The United States is deeply interested in supporting the Baltic States' endeavors

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Latvian police launch investigation into missing builder suspected in killing British teenager

Latvian Police have launched an investigation today in to the whereabouts of missing L

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