More Latvians head to Ukraine to join fighting amid crisis

Three Latvians have traveled to eastern Ukraine to join pro Russia rebels in the fight

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Baltics brush off Russia food import ban

The Baltic states, faced with a ban on food products ranging from beef to cottage chee

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More Russia warships spotted near Baltic waters

Two Russian warships have been detected in the Baltic Sea near Ventspils, Latvia this

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Russia bans food exports from West amid Ukraine crisis

Russia is introducing a full embargo on most food imports from the U.S, EU and other W

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Temperature records broken in Latvia as heat wave pushes on

Tempartures in Latvia have exceeded 37 degrees for the first time in the country's

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Ukraine crisis costs 750 million dollars, warns official

The cost of the Ukraine crisis amounts to around 750 million U.S. dollars (558 million

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UK warns of Russia military ’threat’ to Baltic states

NATO is not prepared to deal with a military threat from Russia and must adjust to be

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EU imposes fresh sanctions against Russia amid Ukraine violence

European Union leaders agreed Tuesday to impose broad economic sanctions against Russi

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