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Estonians ramp up spending power with broadband

TALLINN - In the 1st quarter of this year seven out of ten Estonian households, according to S

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E-sales chipping away consumer conservatism and conventional store sales

KLAIPEDA - Though many Lithuanians are traditionally conservatives to the marrow of their bone

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Latvian fitness clubs staying strong in any economy

RIGA - An ancient Latin quotation states that “A sound mind in a healthy body.” Mo

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Sports club choices range from cellar gyms to air-conditioned fitness centers

KLAIPEDA - If you are going to beef up a bit, burn the fat and add some muscle tissue to that

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Fingers crossed

RIGA - I can’t help it. I’m an eternal optimist. One of my late mother’s fav

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Latvia - a society squabbling with itself

RIGA - She may be one angry voter, but no one can accuse Parsla Mezciema of sitting on the sid

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Take two – another cliffhanger in Latvia’s political melodrama

RIGA - It seems like Latvians have taken the old political advice “vote early and vote o

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Coffee shops doing great in the capital as well as in small towns

RIGA - This is probably the article that I had the most fun writing in my entire career as a f

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Customers stay loyal to good cafés

TARTU - Tartu, the second biggest city in Estonia, has always boasted a friendly atmosphere an

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With foreign coffeehouses absent, Lithuanian takeout coffee chains muscle up

KLAIPEDA - When most coffee lovers in the developed world roast and grind coffee beans in sear

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