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Little or no command of English equals being a loser as Chinese studies rise

KLAIPEDA - If you are convinced that there is no other way to learn English than to enroll in

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Globalization aids language school growth

TARTU - Estonians are traveling the world for both leisure and business like never before. Thi

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Language schools are doing well despite the challenging times

RIGA - Today’s reality is that the world is becoming a rather challenging place to live

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Luxury items selling once again

RIGA - Luxury goods entrepreneurs in Latvia think that the business is doing “well, but

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Luxuries to stay luxuries in Estonia

TARTU - The luxuries market brings up images of champagne parties in the south of France, priv

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Glitzy, plush stores lure fat cats, while government ponders more luxury taxes

KLAIPEDA - It is probably blasphemous to speak about luxury when over 600,000 people in the co

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Commercial real estate recovering but turnaround lacks zest

KLAIPEDA - Real estate market experts evaluating trends in commercial real estate are nearly u

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After the bubble burst, Latvian real estate stabilizes

RIGA - No matter what kind of property you are looking for, there are abundant investment oppo

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Time for learning in Estonia’s commercial real estate market

TARTU - The Estonian commercial real estate market was affected by the global economic crisis

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Bookstores and publishing industry maintain close ties

RIGA - Every year, hundreds of new books are published in Latvia, and hundreds of bookstores o

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