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Fruit and vegetable market strives for good quality

RIGA - The Riga Central Market (RCM) vegetable pavilion was formerly known as the so-called Va

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Fresh produce markets in Latvia are thriving

RIGA - For most Latvians, long awaited summertime means sunbathing at the Baltic beaches, gril

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The hysteria culprit, the cucumber, wreaks havoc in Lithuanian vegetable markets

KLAIPEDA - First came mad cow disease, followed by two bird flu pandemics with pig flu in betw

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Latvian bus companies work to optimize operations

RIGA - Both international and local bus companies are due to optimize their work and to develo

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Intercity bus companies facing difficult decisions

RIGA - Despite its importance to everyday life in Latvia, the mass media in the country have b

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Bus passenger flow on international routes is a gauge on immigration

KLAIPEDA - Gas prices are swelling up, buses are running semi-empty, and commuters are becomin

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Heading towards Western leisure

TALLINN - “Being part of international networks is always good, helpful and important, s

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Inbound tourism sees new hubs in the East and the West

KLAIPEDA - With Midsummer behind us, summer switches gears to the hotter and faster pace of th

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A Waxing and Waning Decade of Latvian Millionaires

RIGA - To commemorate the decade gone by since the 2001 list of millionaires was published in

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Restaurants optimistic about this summer

RIGA -  The global financial crisis hit the restaurant business in Latvia heavily –

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