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Men’s hobbies: cheap but exclusive brands in demand

RIGA - Despite the economic crisis, people still do not give up their hobbies. Hobby shops dev

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The changing face of phone selling

RIGA - If five years ago small, specialized mobile phone shops were located at every street co

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Phone companies have to be everywhere

TALLINN - Mobile technologies and solutions are rapidly developing business areas in Estonia.

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Trendy smartphones making rapid inroads with average-income households

KLAIPEDA - Do you remember the first-ever cell phones? Just twenty ago, the then-cocky Lithuan

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Individual approach means success in custom design furniture

TALLINN - The custom design furniture industry in the Baltics is one of the stepping stones fo

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Feeble optimism in construction market doesn’t help building-related sectors

KLAIPEDA - Gripped in a dead-lock by the credit-crunch for over one-and-a-half years, the surv

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Working with pride in the kitchen

TALLINN - The restaurants in Tallinn are working hard in order to find the best ways to achiev

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Large restaurant groups back on track, small restaurants face uncertainty

KLAIPEDA - As the crisis-stricken economy bounces back and starts to exhibit more vitality, fo

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Finding a way to a greener life

TALLINN - Natural eco-cosmetics still remain popular as potential consumers are continuing to

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Eco shops grow in Latvia

RIGA - If 5 to 10 years ago eco-products were a mystical thing that few people knew about, tod

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