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E-books arrive in E-stonia

TARTU - There are lots of people out there who like the smell of books, the way you flick thro

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Big chain bookstores offer their own TV as small ones innovate or go bankrupt

KLAIPEDA - Unlike other market sectors, book publishing and book sales are dealing not only wi

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Great expectations and popular support for the green energy sector

RIGA - Today there is a great deal of discussion in the media about the importance of satisfyi

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Can Estonia go green?

TARTU - With prices of oil and gas rising on the world markets and the ever-present insecuriti

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Renewables suffer as focus is on nuclear

KLAIPEDA - With Western Europe’s hype for renewable energy not letting up, Lithuania is

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Call centers are helping small businesses grow

RIGA - All businesspeople are well aware of a simple fact in customer relations management: no

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International call center operators discover Estonia

TARTU - Most people have heard of international companies outsourcing their call center operat

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Demand for telephone directory services dwindles, popularity of telemarketing services rises

KLAIPEDA - What twenty years ago was an ordinary call station with phone booths available for

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Pet care in Latvia becoming a lucrative business

RIGA - Pet owners often care as much about their animals as they do for their family members,

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THEN THERE WAS ONE: Ekranas remain in the running in the elite Champions League competition.

KLAIPEDA - If you are a wag-and-woof lover, you may want to take in your four-legged cutie for

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