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Riverside dining draws in new entrants

RIGA - With a new summer season finally here, a brief moment of leisure sitting beside the Dau

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Less paperwork hassle boosts numbers at outdoor cafes

KLAIPEDA - With the early summer temperatures hovering at over 25 degrees, forget indoor cafes

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A stepping stone for good entertainment

TALLINN - The catering business this summer season might face a challenge in terms of competit

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Demand is back for catering business

RIGA - Catering services is a seasonal business which is offered by restaurants and catering s

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School farewell bashes gladden caterers, but cause headaches for parents

KLAIPEDA - Are you the lucky daddy, with your offspring graduating from high school this year?

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The best friend at a wedding

TALLINN - Summer is on the doorstep, and so are wedding days, occupying the thoughts of happy

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Still seasonal and still affected by the crisis

RIGA - The wedding business is represented in Latvia by hundreds of companies – dress sa

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Lithuanian brides to-be enthralled by Kate Middleton’s wedding dress…but its 3-meter train

KLAIPEDA - Is she a sweet, smart and pretty girl that you are ready to die for? If you are rea

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Working hard in the summer time

TALLINN - The Baltic States seem particulary popular with cyclists because of the convenient,

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Stolen bike prevalence and preference exasperate law-respecting bike sellers

KLAIPEDA - Gas prices are at a record-high: 4.65 litas (1.31 euros) per liter in Lithuania. Th

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