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Small country’s big high-tech ambitions to rival electronics giants

KLAIPEDA - Lithuania is apparently shedding its tenacious image of a laborious agriculture cou

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The crisis is over, but it’s too early to speak about rapid growth

RIGA - The electronics and electrical engineering industry in Latvia has a long history, in wh

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Large and small firms work to export

TALLINN - Electronics manufacturing, along with its skilled labor for the industry, is a histo

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No ‘big time’ without hard work

RIGA - The modeling agency business in Latvia is barely twenty years old. As it is in every bu

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Unique look is what agencies are after

TALLINN - Modeling agencies in Estonia, just like in Paris or New York, are companies that rep

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Catwalk glamour in London or Paris, catfight clamor in Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - In once-in-a-blue-moon fashion shows on a national catwalk, lanky local models stri

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Smaller ski facilities remain stern in anticipation of winter sports giant

KLAIPEDA - The day of launching a 98-million litas (28.4 million euros) state-of-the-art ski c

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Winter sports growing in the ‘flatlands’

TALLINN - Each year the Baltic region is increasing in popularity as a target for winter sport

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Skiing resort owners optimistic about this winter

RIGA - Latvia is the biggest skiing destination in the Baltics. This year’s season start

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Slow but confident growth in 2011

RIGA - Businesspeople are optimistic about Latvia’s economic development this year. But

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