Taxify offers taxi phone service in Latvia

  • 2018-12-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian taxi hailing platform Taxify has started to offer the service of booking a taxi on the phone in Latvia, after launching a similar service in Lithuania a few months ago.

"The main target group for the service are people who have no smartphone. This provides also them the possibility to use Taxify services," Karin Kase, chief of PR for Central and East Europe at Taxify, told BNS.

Kase said that the service also can be used to book a taxi for someone else, such as by hotels and restaurants for their customers. On other markets Taxify offers the possibility for booking a taxi by mobile app alone.

The company does not offer the service in Estonia because people have not expressed the need for it here, where residents are very eager to adapt new technologies, the spokesperson said.

"In Latvia there are 30 percent of people who have no smartphone, and more still in Lithuania," she added.

Taxify will look at each country separately when deciding about the need to expand the service to other markets. For the time being, it remains a local initiative.