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Number of counterfeit banknotes and coins discovered in Latvia in 2017 grows 11%

RIGA - Altogether 1,749 counterfeit banknotes and coins were discovered in Latvia in 2017, which is a growth by 11 percent from 2016, yet Latvia...

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Russian-speaking activists attempt to block new Latvian Language Friend mobile app at Google Play

RIGA – Russian-speaking activists have started spreading calls on the internet to complain about the new app Valodas Draugs (Language Frie...

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Lithuania's army to double area of training grounds by 2022

VILNIUS – Expansion of the main training grounds of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will result in a double area of the facilities by 2022, th...

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Vija Celmins - Eleven Works and a Film

An exhibition Vija Celmins. Eleven Works and a Film will be on view in the Cupola Hall of the main building of the Latvian National Mus...

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Taxify will consider leaving Latvian market if Saeima passes Transport Ministry's ridesharing regulations

RIGA - Taxi platform Taxify is considering leaving Latvian market if Saeima endorses the Transport Ministry's Carriage by Road regulations, ...

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Latvian national held on suspicions of spying for a foreign country

RIGA - The Security Police have detained a Latvian national on suspicions of spying for a foreign country, LETA was told at the Security Police....

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PayPal considers investment in Lithuania - presidential adviser

VILNIUS – Electronic payment system company PayPal is interested in investment opportunities in Lithuania, says Lithuanian President Dalia...

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Estonia's top court declares bailiff fees unconstitutional

TALLINN - The Supreme Court of Estonia on Thursday declared the rates of the bailiff fees set out in the Bailiffs Act to be unconstitutional; th...

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EU interior ministers discuss implementation of common standards for land borders

TALLINN - The interior ministers of the European Union discussed implementing common standards for the land border of the area of free move...

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Rail Baltic opponents turn to Baltic auditor generals

TALLINN – The opponents of the Rail Baltic high-speed railway turned to the auditor generals of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania because in t...

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