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Some blacklisted persons have attempted to fool border guards - Border Guard

RIGA - There have been cases of persons which have been included on Latvia's persona non grata list attempting to fool border guards, LETA w...

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New Pentagon strategy looks to counter China, Russia

WASHINGTON - The US military must regain its strategic advantages over Russia and China and prioritize being ready for war, Defense Secretary Ji...

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Several hundred people gather in Riga Old Town to remember 1991 Barricades

RIGA - Several hundred people, including Latvian state officials, young guards, students and their teachers, gathered in Dome Square in Riga Old...

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Lithuania's cultmin off to World Economic Forum in Davos

VILNIUS – Lithuania's Culture Minister Liana Ruokyte-Jonsson is on Saturday leaving for the Swiss resort of Davos to attend the Europe...

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Finding scapegoat not to make Latvian e-health system work better - minister

RIGA - The focus should be not on finding someone to be blamed for underperformance of the e-health system but on improving the system performan...

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Estonian Interior Ministry: Construction of eastern border could cost EUR 80 mln

TALLINN – The Estonian Interior Ministry said that due to the high prices of the construction market, the construction of the eastern bord...

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Former leader of World Federation of Free Latvians Uldis Grava passes away

RIGA - Uldis Grava, a politician and former leader of the World Federation of Free Latvians (WFFL), has passed away, LETA was told at the office...

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Juncker promised continuation of Rail Baltic financing after 2020 - Estonian president

TALLINN – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker promised the continuation of the financing of the Rail Baltic railway project ...

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Most corporate loans issued by Latvia's Citadele Bank in 2017 were to farming businesses

RIGA - Most of the corporate loans issued by Latvia's Citadele Bank in 2017 were to farming businesses, the bank said. ...

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African swine fever keeps spreading in Latvia at unchangingly fast rate this year

RIGA - African swine fever (ASF) has continued to spread in Latvia at an unchangingly fast rate at the beginning of this year, Martins Serzants,...

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