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Jurmala collects EUR 2.1 million from entry passes

RIGA - Jurmala local government last year collected EUR 2.1 million from entry passes in the town, the local government's representative Zan...

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Foreign Minister asks his German counterpart to hand 1918 independence act over to Lithuania

VILNIUS  - Germany's Foreign Ministry on Thursday confirmed discovery of the Feb. 16 1918 resolution of the Council of Lithuania on ree...

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Monitoring system of Estonia's eastern border has seen 5 failures in 6 months

TALLINN - According to the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) the monitoring systems on Estonia's eastern border have partially stoppe...

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Latvian ambassador to NATO: No reasons to doubt United States' commitment to NATO

RIGA  - Although after Donald Trump’s election as U.S. President concerns were raised about the United States’ possible defense...

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German chancellor's office contacted over 1918 independence act - Lithuanian president

VILNIUS - Lithuanian officials have contacted German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office over an original copy of Lithuania's Act of Indep...

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Foreign Minister: Estonia is sad but respects UK's decision

TALLINN - Estonia is sad that the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union but respects the decision and will try to do everythin...

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Latvian MPs change their mind, vote in favor of ban on use of wild animals in circus

RIGA - In an unexpected turnaround, the Latvian parliament today upheld in the first reading the bill about banning use of wild animals in circu...

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Latvia’s Russian-language media present Russian contents, but in nastier way - Re:Baltica

RIGA - Latvia’s Russian-language media often use contents produced in Russia, but present it in a nastier way, said Re-Baltica, the center...

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Estonian Foreign Minister stresses importance of transatlantic solidarity at meeting with Paul Ryan

TALLINN - Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser at a meeting between Baltic countries' foreign minister and Speaker of the United States Hou...

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10,000 sign petition demanding that electricity distribution fees and mandatory procurement component be abandoned

RIGA - 10,000 signatures have been collected on the public initiatives website to demand that electricity distribution fees of the ...

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