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Lithuania to earmark 3 million euros

Lithuania will earmark another 3 million euros in support to impoverished countries of the world, the government decided on Wednesday, March 15....

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Discussions on new labor code finished

Representatives of the Lithuanian government, employers and trade unions  have signed an agreement on a number of issues during the last me...

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Norway offers EU quota swap deal to settle dispute over arrested Latvian crab trawler

Norway has offered the European Union (EU) a quota swap deal in order to enable EU fishermen to obtain the necessary license for catching snow c...

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How to make sure the Kremlin remembers Boris Nemtsov

Last month, thousands of people held rallies and vigils in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities across Russia to mark the second anniversary ...

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Baltic States’ anxiety will linger as long as Russia flexes out its muscles

Ahead of the Baltic States’ celebrations of the 27th anniversaries of the restoration of independence,  in Central Library in Brookly...

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Germany’s misunderstood trade surplus

Now that Germany’s current-account surplus has reached a record 270 billion Euros ($285 billion), or close to 8.7 per cent of GDP, the ong...

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The 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations of Kazakhstan with Lithuania distinguishes itself for an abundance of events

Lithuania is an important partner of Kazakhstan in the Baltic region. The current year is the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relationships betwe...

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It’s a lonelier world for Vladimir Putin

Russian rulers have long been content to accept fear and awe in lieu of respect and admiration, and by that standard, Putin shone in 2016. This ...

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Event Guide

ESTONIA March 21-25, World Film Festival 2017, Estonian National Museum, Tartu&#...

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Movie Guide

Life (2017) – in cinemas from Friday, March 24 Life is a terrifying sci-fi thriller about a tea...

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