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Museums after dark

RIGA/TALLINN/TRAKAI - Berlin hosted the first Museum Night in 1997 and since then the concept has taken the continent by storm. Over 100 cities ...

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The Princess of the violin returns to the stage

RIGA - The so-called “Princess of the Violin” is returning to the stage after a break of several years. She is slated to play pieces...

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Jousts and Duels at the Count of May

RIGA - Have you ever wanted to participate in a huge medieval festival? Well, on May 16 in Spikeri you will have that chance. That is the date o...

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Twentieth Century Revisited

KAUNAS - The Latvian film director Davis Simanis’ quasi-documentary Escaping Riga (2014) allows a standpoint from which to deal with the i...

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CNN calls Estonia’s pavilion one of the world’s best at EXPO Milano

MILAN - Sometimes, no matter how much money you throw at a project, the end result will be dismal and tacky. Such is all too often the case at t...

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Envisioning the Invisible Front

VILNIUS - You wouldn’t expect the KGB to be responsible for the title of a new film about the Lithuanian resistance movement in the late 1...

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Lithuanian NGOs grapple with state’s mistrust and shady image

Unlike Western NGOs, which are powerful and respected, the Lithuanian non-governmental sector is still underestimated and dealing with a slew of...

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Riga Bicycle Week calls attention to wanting cycling infrastructure

RIGA - Rattling through the Old Town, cruising along the new bike lanes on Elizabetes and Dzirnavu streets, rushing alongside motorized traffic ...

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JCI gives young Baltic entrepreneurs a spring in their step

RIGA - The NGO Junior Chamber International’s Baltic Energy Conference took place in Jurmala on 11 April 2015, providing young people from...

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Lithuanian dairy producers receive temporary support payments

VILNIUS - Lithuanian dairy producers that incurred losses due to the embargo imposed on milk products by Russia have received su...

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