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Building block for VEF Riga future wins

As the United League season wraps up, TBT’s chief sports contributor Victor Shestopalov reflects on the play of Riga’s top basketbal...

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The Russians are coming to occupy the Baltic States

VILNIUS - I purposefully chose a title for my piece to evoke the notorious phrase from 1949 by the then US Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal...

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Why the idea of Russian invasion in the Baltics is absurdity

WARSAW - Since the annexation of Crimea and especially since the beginning of active war in the east of Ukraine, Russia’s neighbors to the...

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Petty Politics and the Presidency

The term in office of Latvian President Andris Berzins is coming to an end, and, as readers probably know, he has declared that he will not be s...

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Remoulding the future at RTU’s new Design factory

RIGA - RTU Design Factory recently opened in Riga, with the purpose of creating a link between inspired students and start-ups. Whether to find ...

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Will a Latvian Proposal Lead to an Internet Cattle Class?

The backbone of tomorrow’s Internet may have a remarkable Latvian touch. The Latvian presidency’s proposal on net neutrality challen...

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Liepaja: a bohemian enclave bounded by beaches and crashing waves

Liepaja is, for me, Latvia’s most charming city. This might seem a strange thing to say – it certainly doesn’t have the grandn...

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Riga, Ritmi, and all that Jazz

RIGA - The Baltic region is becoming increasingly well regarded as a top quality gathering place for jazz muscians and fans alike. This year&rsq...

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Juris Kenins to represent the Baltic States in the global final of the Bacardi Legacy in Sydney, Australia

RIGA - Bartender Juris Kenins from Latvia who claimed the top prize with his newly created Belgian Avenue cocktail, will go on to represent the ...

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Europe must strive to make use of its cultural and creative forces

RIGA - A series of  three international conferences  discussing areas of cultural and creative crossovers, the interaction of cultural...

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