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Putin 'outlaws' European Justice in Russia

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Last week, Vladimir Putin signed a law that effectively banishes international legal norms from Russian territory...

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Klaipeda mayor: Lithuanian governments tend to owe us

Klaipeda is the third largest city in Lithuania, but as Vytautas Grubliauskas, the city’s mayor notes, the importance of Klaipeda’s ...

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The long march to Paris

PARIS - Over the next few weeks, Paris will once again dominate global headlines. This time, however, the news is likely to be positive, as worl...

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Overcoming Europe’s twin growth challenges

MUNICH - As economic recovery finally begins to take hold in Europe, the imperative for policymakers is to ensure that growth can be sustained f...

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Central Asia on NATO’s periphery

RIGA - On Nov. 23, The Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) convened to discuss the Central Asia-NATO partnership.  The instit...

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Youthful terror

RIGA - Of all of the things that I have learned since the brutal attacks in Paris, which starkly brought the issue of terrorism back to the fron...

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Omnipresent octopus of corruption holds Lithuania tight

With just 25 years as an independent state, Lithuania’s achievements are astounding. However, they are still plagued by one relic of its S...

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Rhetoric at the Riga Conference: what we talk about when we talk about war with Russia

RIGA — On Nov. 6 and 7, security professionals, politicians, academics, and journalists gathered at the National Library in Riga to descri...

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We are at war

PARIS – Ever since the terrorist attacks in January on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, Parisians knew that ...

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What refugees are running from

RIGA — It is known that a group of terrorists attacked a number of locations in Paris last week and tried to ensure as much carnage as the...

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