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The future of Estonia’s oil shale extraction

TALLINN -  The world’s oil shale reserves are enormous. According to the World Energy Council, the world’s oil shale reserves c...

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Analyst: Lithuania’s parties jostle for support as election nears

KLAIPEDA - With the autumn parliamentary session in progress, Lithuanian media is awash with tantalizing and tempting proposals by Lithuanian MP...

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Explaining Eastern Europe’s approach to the refugee question

Mankind has an immense capability to create, but it also possesses a great capability to destroy. Watching how Europe deals with the latest cris...

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Why Baltics should take in refugees

The growing refugee crisis in Europe has done something that I hadn’t thought was possible: replace tensions with Russia as the main topic...

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NATO’s StratCom Shambles

RIGA - Any member of the public trying to use the Latvian National Library last Thursday or Friday would have been turned away. Hulky, earpiece-...

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The Authoritarian Temptation

NEW YORK – Twenty-four years ago this month, Soviet hardliners, desperate to stop the country’s nascent democratic transition, arres...

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A Ridiculous Debate

RIGA - “My personal opinion is that of course they should not wear such a veil,” Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis declared in a re...

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The strange blindness of Ukraine's Baltic friends

Yesterday’s violent clashes in the heart of the Kiev — with grenades thrown towards the parliament, and eye-witnesses on the streets...

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Building for the Future

RIGA - The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, a private museum accredited by the Ministry of Culture, has been active since 1993, when it opene...

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Lithuanian Bishop: “Interpretations of family is an experiment that may fail”

The Catholic Church’s authority and clout has been challenged recently. But Kestutis Kevalas, an auxiliary Bishop of the Kaunas Archdioces...

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