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The citizenship that was stolen from us: a short reflection on the recent debates on integration of Russian speakers in Estonia.

GIESSEN - The discussion of the theme of belonging, citizenship and language in Estonia is a never ending one. More than two decades have passed...

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What changes lie in store for Poland?

WARSAW - The overwhelming victory of the conservative party Law and Justice (PiS) in Poland’s latest parliamentary elections has demonstra...

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Crazy Old Russia

Is there anything at all that the present iteration of the Russian Federation is not prepared to do in terms of cocking a snook at civilization ...

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Enlightened by Africa and somebody above

How gifted can a person be? There are perhaps just a few things in the world that Gediminas ...

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Five perspectives on Latvia’s refugee question

RIGA - It is no secret that Latvia has a

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Time to talk

RIGA - As it has been in every previous decade, Europe finds itself at a crossroads once again.  European identity has been polarized by re...

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On dupes, vandals, and charlatans

RIGA - Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been hoodwinked and humbled, all thanks to an exhibition put on by a charlatan photographe...

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The Fire Forging Europe

STOCKHOLM - In 2003, when the European Union drafted its first security strategy, the continent’s citizens lived in a seemingly safe world...

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Returning to a Baltic cultural grid

KAUNAS - The countries around the Baltic Sea are becoming ever more inter-connected. Some might suggest, for reasons of geopolitics, that Russia...

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Life After Schengen

LONDON – Throughout Europe’s refugee crisis, which has been building for well over two years, warnings about the threat to the Europ...

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