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How to cultivate happiness in the Baltic States?

According to global indexes, people in the Baltic States are ‘unhappy.’ What would it take to increase the levels of happiness and w...

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Last Chance for Ukraine and Europe

LONDON – The European Union stands at a crossroads. The shape it takes five years from now will be decided in the coming 3-5 months.Year a...

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Life in The Bus Lane

In the middle of rush hour in Riga, trolleybus drivers have to negotiate not only with shambolic traffic on the roads, but also with the bustle ...

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A nation’s genetics, including its fears, are handed on from one generation to the next

It is hard not to be painfully aware of the immense extent of emigration from Lithuania. The topic has, however, been a breadwinner for Dona...

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Russia’s very pragmatic “allies”

WARSAW - Exactly a year ago Russian Special Forces — the infamous “green men” — were actively involved in the seizure of...

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RIGA — According to a BNS report on March 1, Latvia’s defence minister Raimonds Vejonis confirmed  that  Latvia has just s...

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The UK-Baltic Security Partnership: Firing on all Cylinders?

TARTU - Last week, the security situation of the Baltic states again returned to international prominence. The initiator on this occasion was Br...

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“Resistance to Russian invasion now would not match that in 1940s”

KLAIPEDA - The escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been an ongoing enigma for many of Lithuania’s best political analysts a...

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Russia bullies Sweden and Sweden blinks

Sweden has, if nothing else, added a new definition to the concept of partnership. Earlier this week the Swedish daily Expressen&n...

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Hypocritical and cynical: Estonia locks up Galojan

While Estonians celebrate the anniversary of their independence on Feb. 23, Anna-Maria Galojan will be spending her 33rd birthday in prison....

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