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On the "artistic" mockery of Holocaust victims in Estonia

  On February 7th, 2015, a peculiar exhibition opened at the Tartu Art Museum in Est...

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If US does not arm Ukraine, Russia will move against Baltics: Janusz Rolicki

If President Obama follows German Chancellor Merkel and doesn’t arm Ukraine, the US president will not only “be playing the role Put...

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Another defeat for Putin: very few Russians in Estonia want to leave

Over the last two year period for which statistics are available, only 37 ethnic Russians moved from Estonia to the Russian Federation despite M...

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Screw Off, Italy!

Oh, what a circus one of the latest Cabinet of Ministers meetings here in Latvia was!  Circus enough to probably make some of the more vete...

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How did a Political Prisoner Turn into a Politician?

Mikhail Khodorkovsky hardly needs an introduction. No aspect of his biography and activity would exhaust his personality. A tycoon in Russia at ...

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Western Unity Challenges Russian Aggression

WARSAW — Last week, Russia-watchers worldwide gave a collective sigh of relief when Greece did not block additional sanctions on Russia, t...

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MEP Mazuronis: “EU must do rethinking from its core”

Unlike many parliamentarians-turned-ministers, Valentinas Mazuronis, until recently a stalwart of the ruling Order and Justice party, has earned...

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Khodorkovsky in Vilnius: don't make Putin a martyr

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oligarch and a key figure in Russia’s political opposition, gave the following speech at the Me...

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Top Lithuanian journalist: compromises in content necessary due to Russian information warfare

How has the Lithuanian media responded to information warfare from Russia? How is polarisation in media content bending the key principl...

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The Global Consequences of Russia’s Isolation

PRINCETON – Russia’s current crisis, particularly the collapse of the ruble, reveals the fragility not only of the Russian economy, ...

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