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Lithuanian master of time and space

VILNIUS - At the age of 38, Linas Adomaitis is a Lithuanian stage veteran, with a musical career that kicked off with the group L+, already maki...

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Touched by music

TARTU - The snow is on the ground, familiar yuletide tunes are playing in restaurants and bars, and the Baltic is slowly readying itself for the...

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Baltic literature roundup

Whitehorn’s Windmill Author: Kazys Boruta Translator: Elizabeth Novickas Cen...

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Authentic lifestyle in Kalnciems District

RIGA - Every Saturday is celebrated in the Kalnciema wooden architecture quarter in Riga with a traditional market – a nice highlight not ...

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Brighter than the sun

VILNIUS - For anyone who has ever lived at least one year in the Baltic, they know that the seasons and nature play a big part in how people thi...

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Tallinn unplugged

TALLINN - “So what do we do with our new freedom?” a character with a bit part says to his friend in one of the early scenes of &ldq...

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Literary musings in Riga

RIGA - There aren’t many literature festivals in the Baltic that focus solely on prose. The Prose Readings Festival features the best and ...

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Let it snow! Let it snow!

TALLINN - Tallinn’s Medieval Old Town takes on a particular magical quality during this time of the year as the fresh powdering of snow co...

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Rolling out the red carpet

RIGA - The first-ever Riga International Film Festival kicks off on December 2nd, showcasing more than 120 films until December 12th.  The ...

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To the moonwalk and back

TALLINN - Idol...Icon...Superstar...Legend. Few entertainers achieve this level of success. Michael Jackson was, is, and always will be held in ...

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