Literary musings in Riga

  • 2014-12-03
  • By TBT staff

RIGA - There aren’t many literature festivals in the Baltic that focus solely on prose. The Prose Readings Festival features the best and brightest Latvian authors as well as an array of international writers.
The festival, which last from December 2nd to December 7th, is as chock full of literature as ever, with readings by Latvian authors such as Nora Ikstena, Mara Zalite, and Pauls Bankovskis as well as writers from around the world.
In addition to the several evenings devoted to Latvian authors, there are two events that have guests from abroad.

The first of these international readings will take place at the new National Library known as Gaismas Pils, i.e. the Castle of Light on December 5th. Finnish author Olli Jalonen, German author Nina George, and American writer David Vann are just some of the guests the audience will have the pleasure of hearing in the original and in Latvian.

This year there will be a special event focusing on Baltic writers, which will feature readings by authors from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Lithuanian writers Alvydas Slepikas and Kristina Sabaliauskaite, Latvian writer Inga Abele and Estonian writer Jaan Undusk will read short stories and excerpts from their recent work. The authors will be reading in the original, with an English original on a screen in the back as well as a reading of the Latvian translation afterwards.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the event is the Prose Breakfast at the restaurant Andaluzijas suns on the final day of the festival, which brings together the best Latvian prose writers and a great way to kick off your Sunday morning.
The venues are also varied, which range from the new National Library and book and gift shops like Niceplace/Mansards to the Kalnciems Quarter, so there is no danger for routine to set it.

All events are free and open to the public. Go to for more information on the events.