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Russian avant-garde art dissected

RIGA - The name Gustavs Klucis (1895-1938) is well-known to European museums, but the world-fa

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Fine island dining

Alexander restaurant on the small Estonian island of Muhu has been voted among the top 50 rest

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All-around rocker on stage in Tallinn

TALLINN - The legendary rock musician, actor, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and ar

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Palanga celebrates summer

PALANGA - Palanga resort in Lithuania has kicked off another one of its Palanga Summer festiva

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A Soviet whodunit: Murder, Independence

“Love Songs of the Revolution”By Bronwyn MauldinChicago Center f

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Lost in a world of goats

ALUKSNE - A few weeks ago someone accused me of being wrapped up in my own little world

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Knights to do battle in Cesis

 CESIS - Medieval Day at Cesis Castle is taking place in the territory of the Cesis Castl

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Chamber music comes to Tallinn

TALLINN - This grand festival, founded in 2005 to great fanfare, is held in the churches and h

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Benefits of free Wi-fi, and the games it brings

In the framework of the Comenius project “Mankind in Motion – Challenges and Oppor

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Riga in the Russian Empire: 1710 to mid-19th Century

Don’t miss this exhibition which tells the story about Riga and its inhabitants in the 1

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