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World Choir Games to entertain Riga

RIGA - Between July 9-19, the World Choir Games will present more than 100 different choir eve

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Seaside festival sets sail

KLAIPEDA - This year will be the 55th celebration dedicated to the biggest treasure of Lithuan

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Searching for summer and Valmiermuiza: A terrace tour of Riga

RIGA - As the weather heats up (cools down, then heats up again), I took myself on a little te

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What goes with Latvian saki?

ALUKSNE - It would be a shame to waste the twelve liters of milk my goats give every day. But

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Berlin electronica at Soviet tape factory

RIGA and BERLIN - In the video for Moderat’s newest single, “Last Time,” a y

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Midsummer magic in Tallinn

TALLINN - June in Estonia is famous for long days and short nights. It’s warm and sunny

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Kings of Leon grace Latvia

RIGA - U.S. rock superstars Kings of Leon will deliver one of their eight scheduled European p

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Where does La Traviata sound the best?

RIGA - There is no clear measure to tell us whether an opening night has been successful or no

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Armed with soap, warm water and a washboard

ALUKSNE - A new chapter is starting at Lightning Tree Farm: I have just accepted responsibilit

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New Femininity

RIGA - Since living in Latvia has turned me into a raging feminist, I was excited to hear abou

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