Brighter than the sun

  • 2014-12-03
  • By TBT staff

VILNIUS - For anyone who has ever lived at least one year in the Baltic, they know that the seasons and nature play a big part in how people think and what they talk about. And in the deep of winter when it gets dark early and it seems you never see the sun, even being reminded of it can bring a little warmth to your day.

Maybe it’s partly for this reason that Aiste Smilgeviciute and her band Skyle are reviving a musical theatre classic called Saules keliones (Journey of the Sun), and giving it their own personal touch. Saules keliones is a musical drama that was written for the theatre troupe Miraklis almost 20 years ago by artist Vega Vaciunaite and her aunt, famous Lithuanian poet Judita Vaiciunaite. The drama deals with the cosmological universe and how we are affected by the nature around us. The beautiful voice of Lithuanian singer Smilgeviciute and Skyle, along with other guests, are ready to put their folk rock touch on the drama.

The composer of the new arrangement and second lead singer in the band Rokas Radzevicius has said that in looking over the original text, he felt that there was a clear Baltic understanding of how the world is ordered, and that he wanted to bring that out in the performance. Radzevicius is lending his steady hand and years of experienced to the project, having written the arrangements for such famous Lithuanian musicals as Jurate and Kastytis. With some of the most energetic performances in Lithuanian music today, Smilgeviciute and Skyle are sure to bring their best to stage this December.
There will be three performances – December 25th in Vilnius, December 26th in Kaunas and December 27th in Siauliai.

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