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Tallinn Christmas market offers anti-crisis cheer

TALLINN - Handicraft markets are becoming more and more popular in Estonia as well as across t

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No Christmas shopping frenzy yet, but a vivacious sales spree is gaining speed

KLAIPEDA - Christmas bells are jingling - not yet on Santa Claus’ sleighs, but in lavish

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Book publishers still gripped by crisis

KLAIPEDA - Battered by spiked up taxes, stringent government policy and, therefore, seeing thi

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Publishers struggle to sell more books

RIGA - There are about 400 companies or private persons who published at least one book during

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Bestsellers are best way to survive economic crisis

TALLINN - In Estonia today, all booksellers are private apart from one, which is partly state-

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Airlines bringing in more passengers to Riga Airport

RIGA - Despite the crisis in the airline business worldwide, in the 10 months of 2010, Riga In

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Skies clearing up over Estonia

TALLINN - Estonian Air, Estonia’s national air carrier, founded in 1991, is jointly owne

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With successive national airline bankruptcies, low-budget carriers are seen as an escape

KLAIPEDA - Unlike in Latvia and Estonia, Lithuanian air travel has been through tumultuous sha

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Chanterelles and boletuses are yummy delicacies for Westerners, gold rush for needy locals

KLAIPEDA - If you are a money-savvy student, an agile retiree or a desperate jobless person ru

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Farmers facing tough times in Estonia

TALLINN - People who love the natural taste of Estonian food products shop at Rotermanni City

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