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Absence of big names, true cigar puffers, among reasons for low sales

KLAIPEDA - Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy would have stripped away much of their person

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New car sales continue slump with seventy-five percent slide

KLAIPEDA - It is riding, but all the way down, to the point where a new car sales recovery sho

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Buyers downshift into low gear

TALLINN - New Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Hummers are rarely seen on the streets of Tallinn and

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Out for a rough ride

RIGA - During the 20th century automobiles became an indispensable part of people’s live

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Specialists adapt to beauty business in crisis

RIGA - The industry of beauty is among those that have been hit by the economic crisis the mos

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Salons stress professionalism and service to stay competitive

TALLINN - These days many beauty salons are facing tough times in Estonia because of the econo

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Well-being treatments preferred over beauty procedures in beauty parlors

KLAIPEDA - Are lengthy and plump eyelashes a mark of the funky beauty trend, a whim of vanity

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Private education institutions offer higher education with discounts

RIGA - Private education in Latvia has existed for almost 20 years. It starts with elementary

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Ongoing debate over possible shake-up of state schools provokes private school boom

KLAIPEDA - The ongoing discussions whether private schools are mints, or forges of mavericks,

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Driving schools driving into debt

TALLINN - Because of the economic crisis, many driving schools in Estonia find themselves in h

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