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Shoppers choosing cheaper brands, only when necessary

Despite the economic crisis, people still do not give up on their hobbies. Sporting goods shop

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Health-conscious public good for business

Sports plays an important role in Estonian culture. The first Estonian mentioned in the Guinne

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Healthy growth in healthy products

TALLINN - In Estonia, as in the rest of Europe, consumer demand for natural and eco-friendly p

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Eco-fish farmers groan as markets report hike in eco-nuts

KLAIPEDA - In Daugai, a settlement of a bit over 1,000 inhabitants in the south, different typ

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Looking for security in cyberspace

TALLINN - Cyberspace is under constant attack. It can be assumed that the continuing globaliza

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No dip whatsoever - ice cream sales up despite downturn

KLAIPEDA - Ice cream sales off to a sluggish summer start have seen an unprecedented jump in t

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Heat wave heats up Estonia’s ice cream business

TALLINN - The summer heat wave in Estonia has been a boon to some businesses as people flee ex

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Not enough space for local suppliers

RIGA - What can be more desirable and appetizing than ice cream in the summer? During these ho

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Luxury business succeeds on passion

TALLINN - Rasa Trading Company, says Piret Poldsaar, is doing quite well and does not feel the

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Big troubles on a small market

RIGA - Smoking cigars was generally considered to be a privilege of a small, elite group of pe

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