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The altered beginner’s driver training conception still cripples driving schools

KLAIPEDA - If you are ready to gain your independence and get out on the road, it might be mor

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Two interconnected summits in Vilnius

VILNIUS - For the first time, the summit of members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, a

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Art Academy produces future masters

TALLINN - The Estonian Academy of Arts, which celebrated its 95th anniversary last year, is th

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Mixed palette for Latvian art market

RIGA - Some consider it an absolute truth that making money is a real art. Pursuing art, howev

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Artist indexing, auctions and artwork lease among innovations in Lithuanian art market

KLAIPEDA - The economic downturn has shaken up many businesses, but, quite unexpectedly, art e

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Recruiters ponder whether to abide by dubious activity-crippling law

KLAIPEDA - ‘Three millions,’ the catchy song sung by a popular Lithuanian singer,

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Recruitment industry in search of good engineers and sales specialists

RIGA - There are about 20 recruitment agencies in the Latvian market. The economic crisis and

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Agencies should do more than just find jobs

TALLINN - The use of employment agencies, or recruitment agencies, has become a common means o

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Positive impact on real estate dependent on euro hopes

TALLINN - Last year was a very challenging year for everyone directly or indirectly involved i

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Real estate prices have bottomed out, now inching up

KLAIPEDA - According to the data from the public institution Center of Registers, the results

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