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Food: Making an event memorable

Special events usually call for special foods. Hosts and their guests expect both appealing, v

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The gloomy restaurant market brought out a bunch of innovative entrepreneurs

Klaipeda - While grumpy entrepreneurs’ beat about insane tax policies and business-cripp

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Building industry plagued with price dumping

RIGA - In Latvia the construction industry appears to have suffered the most from the economic

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No crisis for Estonian construction company Merko Ehitus

TALLINN - Merko Ehitus is a construction company which operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuan

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Lithuania’s real estate market shows signs of recovery but mainly due to EU financing

KLAIPEDA - The construction and real estate market is still sluggish, but industry experts una

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Agencies working harder as expectations grow

TALLINN - The advertising market in Estonia got going about 15 years ago, after the country re

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Positive stir in advertising market is tangible, but caution prevails

KLAIPEDA - According to TNS LT, the biggest market research company in Lithuania, the advertis

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An abundance of illegal beauticians means licensing, not eco cosmetology, matters most

KLAIPEDA - With eco-awareness sinking in, “going green” is becoming a more and mor

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Green cosmetics find profitable niche

RIGA - If years ago the best business success story was Stendera ziepju fabrika (Stenders soap

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Eco-friendly perfumes becoming increasingly popular in the Baltics

TALLINN - As the world goes greener, there are many ways how to support our skin and well-bein

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