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Car rental business suffers from seasonality as Avis and Hertz buck the trend

KLAIPEDA - Had Nebraskan Joe Saunders not lent his Ford Model T, for the first time, to a trav

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Capital intensive business means size matters

TALLINN - Easy Car Rent is an Estonian car rental company which is also the representative of

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Having fun in the dentist’s chair

TALLINN - To have a healthy set of teeth, it is important to take care of them regularly. The

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Downturn erases routine dental check-ups, puts patients in savings mode

KLAIPEDA - If you want to find out more about a person’s status, ask them to open their

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Foreign tourists filling up hotels again

TALLINN - The hotel market in Estonia, and particularly its capital Tallinn, has, not surprisi

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Hotel business springing back after deep recession

RIGA - After a terrible year in 2009, the hotel business has started to grow again. Several ne

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Palanga resort cashes in on Russian inflow, as others lament with no recovery signs ahead

KLAIPEDA - With more direct flights to Vilnius and particularly to Kaunas, with its Ryanair ch

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Developers benefit as business moves to the Internet

TALLINN - Estonia has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in the world. Computerizat

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World Wide Web jungle gets visitor-friendly and money-savvy

KLAIPEDA - If you have decided that you need a Web site or an e-store, then while looking for

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Sports gear entrepreneurs target export markets, dismiss home market

The economic downturn has struck severely all business in Lithuania, though the area of sporti

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