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No national airline, but Europe is closer than ever

KLAIPEDA - Lithuania‘s long-term pompous bid to claim Vilnius Airport as the name of a w

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Simple math: lower fees mean more passengers

TALLINN - The latest numbers from Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport shows that the number of Estoni

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RIX: aiming for the skies

RIGA - Riga International Airport seems to be the only business showing growth, and not losses

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Estonia's Olde Hansa expands market share

TALLINN - There are exceptions to all rules, such as the one that has Olde Hansa restaurant ex

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Low cost dining pushes out chic gourmet restaurants

KLAIPEDA - With the economic crisis forcing people into a saving mode, many are tightening up

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Total waste management falls behind modern practice

RIGA - “Waste management,” not “throwing out the garbage,” is the poli

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High expectations for incineration plants as new landfills fill up

KLAIPEDA - With Lithuania’s EU membership, the country has committed itself to meeting i

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Downturn to clean up construction sector of casual entrepreneurs

KLAIPEDA - Towering glassy Lithuanian-size skyscrapers and popped up eye-catchingly bright mai

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Construction sector resonates in Tallinn's silhouette

TALLINN - The Estonian construction market witnessed skyrocketing growth during the years of e

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Boom year excesses squeezed out in slump

RIGA - Construction workers are leaving for Sweden, as that’s where the work is. The bui

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