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An innovative leader

OnlineExpo is an Estonian company currently making waves internationally by pioneering the world's f

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The Lithuanian people are ready for change, and seem quite hopeful that the new ruling coalition, fo

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A Rabbi to remember

Rabbi Andrew Baker is the director of international Jewish affairs at the American Jewish Committee.

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View from the UN: UN Days and UNAs

NEW YORK -  There's no doubt about it, there was no better way to celebrate United Nations

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An American welcome

In these troubled times it's nice to report on some good news. U.S. President Bush announced on Oct.

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Another Step Toward the World

A foreign policy accomplishment for Latvia, albeit not really one with which the country's own gover

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Janis Ozols-COSMOS member and choir director

Janis Ozols is a true renaissance man. Not only does he sing baritone in one of Latvia's most famous

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Foe or Financier?

As Estonia currently teeters on the edge of what could be the biggest economic quagmire since the 19

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Sweet Cravings

Formerly the CEO of Tallinna Kabamaja, Kati Kusmin now heads AS Kalev Chocolate Factory, the recentl

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Dealing with Russia: the containment strategy

The Moscow-centered empire is a former giant that rests on clay feet but has nuclear missiles. Its i

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