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The art historian

Harry Liivrand is one of Estonia's leading art historians and art critics. He spent 17 years as an a

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More than words

Well we knew it wasn't going to happen, it all seemed too good to be true. It seemed that Fr

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The august probe for dignity

Aug. 21 marks the 40th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, which became a crucial

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The Georgian challenge

What is the situation right now from the Georgian perspective?A big part of the territory of

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In their support of Georgia, they Baltics have shown a courage and strength of spirit that has been

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The View from the United Nation Culture

NEW YORK -  At the United Nations in New York City, you can already see signs of the

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Building a better Riga

Can you tell me what your thoughts are on the move by the opposition to have you removed from office

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EU funds misused

Estonia misused EU support funds 65 times in 2007, Kaur Siruli said its  not a problem. Which p

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Old age penury

Re: Latvians facing poverty in old age;What can the population of Latvia expect when

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Loving Riga

Dear sirIn May/June this year a friend and I holidayed in Riga. I wanted to write to

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