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Hotel Magnate

Paul Tyler is a British expatriate businessman and a prominent figure in the Baltic hotel industry,

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Russian-Georgian conflict: what happened in reality

The whole world was horrified by the violent aggression of the Russian Federation against independen

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Prepare for War?

For those of you don't speak French the caption to our cartoon reads "Does history repeat itself?" T

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Social Reformer

What is the current situation in the Baltic States, with regards to Social Policy?The develo

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Back to Lenin

There is a small village in Georgia, not far away from the city of Gori, that for centuries was call

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Off the hook for now

The Latvian justice system has failed. Not only has Ventpils Mayor Aivars Lembergs 's the country's

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Investment Challenges

The challenge of investing is to see things as they are. This has always been a challenge for Wester

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The good doctor

What is an overview of the adoption situation in the Baltics?Compared to some of the larger

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Baltics take a cue

China has managed to pull off a spectacular Olympics. Right up to the opening ceremo

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The Terrible Effects of the War in Georgia

Poor Georgia. The mouse roared, and the lion pounced instead of running away in fright. Russia's inv

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