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Death of a nation

One of the biggest challenges the region faces is how to manage the population. The issue comes up i

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Snake in the grass

Inflation is the "snake in the grass" for investors. If inflation continues to rise globally, bonds

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The Law giver

How would you describe the situation in Estonia regarding the Const

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Jewish claim

There is an old saying that all that is needed for bad things to happen is for good men to do nothin

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Communist crimes must be condemned

Some weeks ago the Foundation for the Investigation of Communist Crimes (FICC) was officially launch

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Grandson of Star Wars

In April we did an interview with the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. He maintained that relat

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Activism and accountability

Over the past year, Latvia has seen spates of civic activism unprecedented in the 18 years of renewe

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Project European Union has hit another snag 's and a fairly daunting one. Irish voters, for reasons

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Russia's relentless corporate drive

In 1999, the entire Russian stock market had a value of only $40 billion 's equivalent to that of Gi

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Every leader wants to leave his or her mark on posterity, though in the Baltics an unusually high ra

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