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Swedbank in Stormy Seas

With shares plummeting, credit rating downgraded, customers withdrawing deposits en mass and rumors

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Future economic domination

The dominant theme in financial markets is deleveraging. This process sounds abstract, but I expect

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The French touch

Olivier Baudrand is a general manager and one of the owners of Vinifood, which is famous for its wel

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Spies like us

Talk about putting a brave face on a bad situation. Estonia, a former Soviet republic, joins the Wes

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View from the UN Balts weigh in at general debate

NEW YORK -  The three Baltic presidents delivered a powerful punch during the U.N. General Asse

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The Energetic Ambassador

What are your comments on the "Brits behaving badly" trend we've seen here in the Baltics amongst th

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A few weeks ago we published allegations that Lee Williams, a British real estate developer,  h

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The Writer

What inspired the book "Red Weather"?My Latvian heritage was a significant factor in the wri

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Otto Tief's government: Independence, 47 years in the making

On Sept. 18, 1944, the last legal prime minister of the Republic of Estonia, Juri Uluots, acting pre

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The old, the poor and sick and vulnerable are going to suffer. Anybody who earns an honest living ea

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